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As a business owner you are faced with challenges that no one in your organization understands.

EO puts like-minded entrepreneurs together to talk about business, family and life issues in complete confidence. And EO provides one-on-one access to the top business minds in the world through exclusive learning events, private universities, global exchanges and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

EO provides opportunities that can’t be replicated elsewhere… for entrepreneurs just like you.

Are you ready to learn and grow? Do you have a Thirst for Life? The CT Chapter of EO is currently reviewing applications. If you know an EO member, talk with them about being nominated. You can also email our Chapter Administrator,  now.

EO Connecticut Chapter Fact Sheet

as of July 1, 2020

52 Members as of Feb 5, 2021

Chapter Founded In: 1999

  • USD $ 5 million
  • 1460
  • 29
  • 9
  • 49
  • 51

INDUSTRIES REPRESENTED – Accounting, Apparel/Accessories, Communications Services, Computer/Consulting, Construction Services, Consulting Services, Distribution, Education/Training, Employment, Engineering, Financial Services, Food/Beverage, Health/Medical Services, Horticulture, Industrial Services, Landscape/ Florists, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Marketing/PR, Oil/Gas, Other, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Signage, Telecommunication Services, Travel/Transportation

Membership Dues

  • EO annual dues are US Dollar 2,470.00 and are due at the beginning of each fiscal year, which is July 1st. Fees are based on a monthly pro-rated schedule. New members pay a one-time initiation fee of US Dollar 2,500.00.
  • EO Connecticut annual dues are US Dollar 1,600.00, with a one-time new member chapter initiation fee of US Dollar 500.00.
EO Facts-At-A-Glance as of 1 August 2019
  • Total Members Worldwide More than 14,000
  • Median EO Member Sales US$5.0 million
  • Total Number of Workers that Members Employee Worldwide More than 4.1 million
  • Total number of chapters worldwide: 198
  • Number of countries with EO chapters: 61
  • Average Age: 4 3
  • Average member employees: 294